Little Surfer Girl / Warm California

by The Yetis

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Written and recorded by The Yetis
Produced by Kyle "Slick" Johnson *
Mixed by Kyle "Slick" Johnson
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Photograph by Walter Pierson Palmer IV
Logo and additional artwork by Freddy Kempel

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* "Warm California" produced by Bryan Pugh and Kyle "Slick" Johnson


released September 30, 2014



all rights reserved


The Yetis Allentown, Pennsylvania

Christian, Nick, Pat and Freddy

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Track Name: Little Surfer Girl
Move out to California take a pretty girl
It doesn't really matter where you go
As long as you go with me little surfer girl
I could go all around the world

Let's go to LA if you're feeling kinda low
But it doesn't really matter where you go
As long as you still love me little surfer girl
I'll take you surfing all around the world

I'll find a pretty shell and give it to you girl
Just to show you how I really feel
And when the sun goes down way out in Monaco
I'll kiss you and I'll hold you til it's real

Just please don't change your mind and leave me surfer girl
Without you I would feel so down and blue
When I feel lonely I remember just us two
Sittin' in the sun in Malibu

Australia baby girl is just the way to go
America keeps bringing you low down
I understand that you will start to miss your home
But surfing's not the same out in the snow
Track Name: Warm California
Let's go tonight
It'll be just fine
We'll be seeing palm trees in the morning
Just take me to warm California tonight

Don't you cry
Baby, it'll be alright
Don't you wanna leave this city
Try and find somewhere pretty to pass the time

I wanna give you all my loving
I wanna take you in a private jet
I wanna hold you in the sand and
Drive you in a black Corvette
Just baby please stay by my side
And tell me I'm your favorite guy
Cause I don't wanna lose you

Now's the time
I'm tired of the snow outside
We're going like a cool breeze in the morning
Just take me to warm California tonight

Book the flight
I won't take another night
I'm tired of this rundown city
I wanna see something pretty with you by my side